HDPE packaging
HDPE Plastic containers 100% recyclable

We use HDPE of different grades, virgin and recycled, to produce plastic packaging that its totally recyclable.

For the cosmetic and dermocosmetic industry, packaging is yet another
claim for the sale of the product, adding such a value to which none
should give up. At ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS we provide image
and define characteristics to achieve an attractive plastic packaging,
essential in the final consumer purchase decision.

In industrial packaging, the essential thing is that it fulfills its bunker
function: to contain – to protect – to preserve. Its behavior with the outer
environment and with the product it contains, its ease of transport and
usability are important elements to consider in an industrial plastic
container for the packaging of chemicals.


HDPE Plastic packaging available in capacities from 15ml to 10liters. Fully customisable according to your needs:

  • Screen-printable packaging.
  • Custom colors on bottles and closures.
  • Customisable engravings.
  • Opaque and translucent colors.

  • Long service life.
  • Available capacities: 15ml to 10l.
  • High quality to protect your products.
  • UN approved packaging.





Agronutrients - Phytosanitary



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Industrial Detergency



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