Multilayer coextrusion packaging
The latest generation of Industrial Barrier Packaging

Protect you product using multilayer coextrusion packaging

The Coextrusion technology is the simultaneous extrusion of two or more
polymers to get a multilayer structure. This technological variant allows to
manufacture a plastic container with several layers (multilayer), thanks to the
use of several extruders, containing one of them a material that has barrier

At ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS we produce multilayer barrier packaging
with 4 to 6 layers, depending on the need for preservation and protection of the
contained product, using either EVOH or PA as barrier materials. The efficiency
of multilayer plastic containers manufactured by MULTILAYER
COEXTRUSION BLOW MOULDING with EVOH barrier layer, for example,
stands out for using a material that has a high degree of oxygen impermeability,
even in very low thicknesses, in low humidity conditions.



Our multilayer packaging available in capacities from 15ml to 10liters. Fully customisable according to your needs:

  • Resistance to aggressive products contained.
  • Solvents impermeability.
  • Resistance to high temperatures.
  • Prevents from steam and oxygen permeation.
  • UV protection.


  • Available capacities: 15ml to 10lt.
  • High quality to protect your products.
  • UN approved packaging.
  • Improve your product costs
  • Availability: check just in time deliveries





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